Global demand

The world needs to cut emissions. We believe that carbon sequestration is going to play a crucial role in achieving a net zero carbon future. As decarbonization of the global economy accelerates in the coming years, demand for carbon credits is projected to increase 15x by 2030. Meeting this demand cannot be accomplished without innovative solutions such as our carbon monitor.

Integrating social impact

We facilitate a multi-stakeholder approach for ecological and economic sustainability in the global agricultural sector. Climate change and social change are deeply intertwined. Currently, farmers are the custodians of our soil, managing 38% of the Earth’s land surface. Everywhere soil is managed healthy, carbon credits can be derived by sequestering carbon. We motivate farmers to contribute to durable ecosystems by rewarding their efforts for sustainable land use.

Carbon stock validation

Our solution is to provide reliable, accurate and instant validation of carbon stocks in the soil with a technology that can be scaled globally.
We act as an independent intermediary between farmers and buyers to guarantee transparent validation of carbon credits, thereby removing a burden on both ends. Farmers can reliably audit their carbon stocks, anywhere and anytime, and buyers can receive frictionless, transparent information globally. A trustly system that saves time and cost, and ultimately accelerates restoration initiatives and allows corporations and governments to achieve their sustainability goals while creating tangible social impact.