Soil Organic Carbon Monitor

Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) measurements by satellites & AI

At Spatialise we are developing a Soil Organic Carbon monitor. The Carbon Monitor is a validation tool that enables result-based financing by quantifying soil organic carbon content based on Earth Observation. We apply state of the art deep learning algorithms to create certified quantification of soil organic carbon stocks globally.

Our philosophy behind this tool is to empower farmers, enable transparent trading, and mitigate climate change with the solution beneath our feet: soil!

Here's why

Empower farmers+

We believe that farmers+ should be in control. We create opportunities for farmers+ to get fair, instant and accurate validation of their carbon stocks which can be traded on voluntary carbon markets.


An important factor is transparency. Using our technology will create the required transparency as carbon stocks are validated by quantification and monitoring of carbon.


Carbon sequestration helps mitigate climate change. As traders and farmers get carbon stocks that can be traded to fight climate change on the land they manage. This is made possible through standardized insights in their contribution.