About us

Peter Balmer Piontek

Peter does data science and machine learning.

MSc Geo-Information Science, WUR, NL.

BSc, Urban, Energy and Environmental Planning, AAU, DK.

During his studies he interned as a Machine Learning Researcher at Geodan and was a statistics TA at the university.

Peter has lived in Hamburg, Copenhagen, Tokyo, Amsterdam and is now based in Bern, Switzerland.

Nicolai Madsen

Nicolai is the software architect at Spatialise.

A recent graduate of the MSc Geoinformatics at Aalborg University.

During his studies he founded a company that develops mobile applications for the tourism industry.

Nicolai lives in Copenhagen after exchange stints in Wageningen and Melbourne.

In his spare time he likes yoga, running and reading good books.

Niels Janssens

Niels is the tech lead at Spatialise.

In fulfillment of his MSc GIS & Remote Sensing at Wageningen University & Research he works on the monitoring and modelling of plastic waste in Asian rivers. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Land & Water Management from Wageningen University & Research.

Previously he has interned at the Philippines Rice Research Institute and worked at CGI Inc. EagleSensing was his first experience with a startup.

Niels is the captain of the Wageningen hockey team, he now lives in Utrecht after being stationed in Manilla.

Soufiane el Khinifri

Souf is a Humanitarian and a Social Entrepreneur by profession and a Remote Sensing Analyst by hobby.

He is graduating in MSc GIS & Remote Sensing at Wageningen University & Research. He also holds a BSc in International Land & Water Management from the same institution and participated in exchanges with Kuwait and Kazakhstan.


Soufiane el Khinifri

Co-Founder, CEO

Niels Janssens

Co-Founder, CTO


Nicolai Madsen

Co-Founder, Chief Architect

Nikolaj Takata Mücke

AI Lead

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Bettina Noszály

Design Engineer & Business Developer